Integrated Policy

We provide and manage essential strategic resources in the energy sector. We generate economic, social, and environmental value. We act with unwavering ethics and do what is right in our relationship with all stakeholders. We commit to this through the Independence Corporate Policy, which endures over time and guides our management.


We cultivate an environment and corporate culture centered on our values that foster a sense of belonging, pride, and well-being.
We work with world-class standards and certifications.
We protect and efficiently use resources.
We manage knowledge and information.
We promote excellence, innovation, and the improvement of our processes, products, and services through judicious management of organizational risks.
We have an emergency plan that ensures the organization’s continuity.


We attract, develop, retain human talent, and promote holistic growth.
We provide our workers with a safe working environment. We promote self-care by eliminating hazards and controlling the risks of work-related incidents and occupational diseases.
We hire and develop people living in the areas where we are present.
We compensate our people fairly and competitively and develop programs for their well-being.
We guarantee the consultation and participation of our workers.
We value innovation and drive creative processes.


We are strategic allies to our customers:
We know and understand the expectations and objectives of our customers to contribute to the achievement of their results.
We build trust by working with leadership, awareness, and excellence to minimize risks.
We offer the appropriate technology to ensure productivity.


We generate sustainable growth and profitability.


Suppliers are our allies:
We participate in their development.
We promote local purchases.


We support State initiatives to be actors in the development and growth of the country.
We are aware of our responsibility as entrepreneurs in the country’s development.
We comply with established laws and obligations.


We are a socially conscious company.
We recognize the needs of communities and respect their culture and way of life.
We contribute to the progress of communities through alliances with our stakeholders and other actors.


We prevent, mitigate, compensate, and restore the impact we may cause to the environment and the historical, archaeological, and cultural heritage of our areas of influence.
We develop programs to strengthen the culture of environmental care in the regions where we operate.

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