Stakeholder Management

Ethical and transparent relationships, and the articulated construction of initiatives that benefit us all, are the objectives of strategic stakeholder management.
Workers, families, customers, suppliers, community, government, associations and guilds, media, shareholders, suppliers, unions and visitors, make up our map of stakeholders and groups of interest with whom we relate and get involved with one purpose: To contribute to the development of the country and generate prosperity in the regions.

  • Employees


    Bringing employees closer to the strategic objectives of the organization, knowing their needs and supporting their professional growth and training.

  • Families


    Relating the families of employees with the organization through welfare and sustainability initiatives that seek to strengthen the correlation and commitment between employees and Independence.

  • Clients


    Being the best option for our clients by listening to their expectations, aligning their needs to our organizational strategy, and guaranteeing operational excellence through innovation and technology; based on an ethical and trustworthy relationship.

  • Suppliers


    Getting to know local suppliers and their value offer, validating their compliance with our corporate objectives and promoting different training processes and growth as a company.

  • Community


    Establishing relationships of trust with the community, accompanied by national and regional institutions that allow us to generate value, contributing to the development and needs in the areas where we operate.

  • Government


    Generating opportunities for dialogue with governmental entities that allow us to be part of the construction of public policies for the development of the sector and the country.

  • Visitors


    Guaranteeing a safe and pleasant stay, in compliance with corporate protocols and the culture that defines us as a family.

Other Groups

Of Interest


Generating scenarios and transparent communication channels that allow us to be aware of the positions of the parties (union organization and Independence) and, thus, building strategies that benefit the workers.


Working on the execution of the company’s corporate initiatives on labor, environmental and social issues that impact the organization’s activity and the sector.


Publicizing Independence, its impact and management in the territories and its contribution to the country’s economy.


Working on initiatives that generate sustainable growth and profitability for the organization.