Values and Pillars

Doing the right thing is what defines us as an organization. The way we do things and the passion that determines each of our decisions is based on our corporate values: commitment, honesty, self-discipline, responsibility, respect, productivity and persistence.

With these values and pillars, we are able to get closer to our stakeholders and transmit our orange DNA in every relationship with customers, suppliers and the community in the regions where we operate.




We are excellent at what we do, thanks to the talent of our people and that is why we have high quality operations.


Guided by our values, we work with transparency and ethics, always within the framework of legality.


We develop constructive relationships with the environment where we work, based on mutual respect.


We are constantly innovating to improve and offer effective solutions to the challenges of the industry.



  • Commitment


    At Independence we always have our team shirt on. We are committed to the development of people, fostering ingenuity and innovation, creativity and diversity. We are loyal and go the extra mile to achieve everyones dreams..

  • Honesty


    Honesty is the value that enables us to act ethically and transparently with our stakeholders. In the pursuit of meeting our objectives, we speak clearly and value the commitment we have with the entire country..

  • Self-discipline


    We define self-discipline as doing what we are supposed to do correctly and without supervision. We plan our tasks and carry them out successfully..

  • Responsibility


    Responsibility at Independence is an everyday experience, no matter where operations are located. We assume with honor what we do, what we say and what we are in charge of, always seeking the care and well-being of ourselves and others..

  • Respect


    Respect for the organization is based on caring for everything around us: family, colleagues, the environment and the companys resources..

  • Productivity


    Leveraging time and resources to achieve extraordinary results is a key part of the continuous process to improve and be unique in the services we provide..

  • Persistence


    We maintain the enthusiasm and discipline in order to achieve what we set out to do as a team. Having a clear vision and not missing opportunities allow us to continue working towards our goals..