Human Talent

Fulfilling our objectives and growing as an organization are aspirations that require great capabilities. We seek to promote the continuous growth and development of our people, valuing the ingenuity, creativity, talent and passion with which they work every day in our offices and field operations.
Through a wide variety of courses, training programs, lectures, and other scenarios, we promote the technical and professional development of our human talent to help them meet the goals linked to our business.

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  • Leaders Program

    Leaders Program

    We believe that in order to generate change in the organization, we all have to start doing things differently. At Independence we empower our leaders in a comprehensive manner in order to transform the capabilities and skills of the work teams, strengthening aspects such as change management, accountability and team management, through techniques such as coaching, mentoring and workshops.

  • School of Excellence

    School of Excellence

    To ensure that our talent is always ready for action, we designed a digital training system that strengthens the knowledge and skills of our workers in order to offer the best skills during operations.

    The School of Excellence has more than 70 educational modules that allow users to strengthen their knowledge in operational topics, machinery handling and effective process management.