Social and Environmental Management

At Independence we recognize sustainability as a strategic factor for the daily development of our activities. As a Colombian company with more than 40 years of experience in different areas of the country, we take care to know the territory, its culture and its most relevant characteristics, which allow us to build synergies based on transparency and legality that contribute to the growth of the country.

Day by day the challenges are greater and this motivates us to continue searching for mechanisms that assertively manage the reality of the people who live in our areas of influence.
Our actions are guided by ethics and constructive dialogue; we believe that through relationship scenarios where we listen to the people and their authorities, we can build paths for development and prosperity.
Under our pillars and values, we work on social strategies, which allow us to bring programs that promote education and training of women, youth and children to the territory.
We firmly believe in sustainable and long-term actions that contribute to development and dignify human life; that is why our great social commitment is around water, an essential resource for the development and growth of the country.
We want to work hand in hand with the territory, to continue generating opportunities and strengthening the knowledge of those who are part of our company.

  • Orange Afternoon

    Orange Afternoon

    The color orange moves us as a family and allows us to dream large scale with a social strategy that promotes education with fun in Colombia.

    It is a strategy that seeks to create spaces for training, education and fun for women, young people, boys and girls, in order to bring us as an organization closer to the territory, to relate based on prevention and to generate value to our social management and that of our stakeholders. Since 2019, we have positively impacted the lives of +5,000 people.

    Some of the activities that have been developed within the framework of this strategy are: Training talks on prevention and self-care, photography workshops, movie evenings, handicraft workshops, volunteer contributions.

  • Suppliers Convention

    Suppliers Convention

    Sharing our knowledge and experience to promote the development of suppliers in the region, positions us as a company that is interested in generating differential value in the country.

    The Suppliers Convention is a space for networking where we strengthen the knowledge of local entrepreneurs on administrative, contractual and social issues, seeking to generate confidence in the region and support from business training to large, medium and small companies.

    We have involved more than 200 companies from the department of Meta and Santander, and we have articulated potential suppliers in our value chain.

  • Water for Social Development

    Water for Social Development

    We were born from water and our obligation to Colombia water security is total.

    In line with the Sustainable Development Goals and hand in hand with our partner company ELAWA, we develop projects that include the design, structuring, implementation and monitoring of groundwater systems for populations that still do not have access to drinking water or the current local water supply sources are deficient or deteriorated.

    This project has permanent social support to ensure that its design meets the social, cultural and economic expectations of the impacted population, and thus guarantees the sustainability of the solution.

    We provide regions with vital infrastructure, since water is an engine of social development, welfare and generation of wealth opportunities in the territory.

    The reason for being Sustainable.

The reason for being



We support the development of local entrepreneurs.


We have healthy, clean and safe operations.


We respect human rights


We are ethical and transparent in our operations.


We care for the health and safety of our people, suppliers and community.


We promote the knowledge of our employees.