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At Independence we know quality, excellence and agility. Our services in drilling and maintenance of wells; water and mining for different economic sectors, guarantee efficiency and high performance, contributing to the fulfillment of the objectives of our clients.





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Well Drilling

We develop well drilling operations with state-of-the-art equipment.
State-of-the-art electric and hydraulic equipment make up most of the fleet for rendering of our services.
We have equipment with power ranging from 550 HP to 1500 HP, computerized, with “Walking system” systems, and with all the backing and support of the best brands of drilling rigs worldwide, thus contributing to the fulfillment of the operational objectives of our customers with the highest standards of safety and quality.


96% rating in operational excellence

Expert human talent, ethical and guided to the result

Computerized and powerful equipment between 350 HP up to 1500 HP

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Well Maintenance

We provide well maintenance, reconditioning and completion services. We have extensive experience throughout the national territory and we are present in the fields of major hydrocarbon production in the Colombian territory, an aspect of great importance for the development of the country.
We have a modern, standardized and high-performance equipment fleet. Equipment with power ranging from 350 HP to 750 HP for high complexity services.


SGI (Integral Management System)

Bureau Veritas Certification
ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO54001

Technology ”Fast Move” and ”Less” in our equipment and operations.




We provide comprehensive drilling services for the mining sector in Colombia and Ecuador with technical, environmental and social excellence.


We develop comprehensive solutions to provide reliable information on the subsoil and the sustainable use of water and other natural resources.

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